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SYNGAP1 Family Meet-Up Schedule Structure

*All SYNGAP1 Family Meet Ups Are Scheduled in Coordination With a SYNGAP1 Clinical Center of Excellence

Day 1
Appointments with SYNGAP1 Clinical Experts/Researchers
Scheduled Activity Time to Meet with other SYNGAP1 Families
Tour of SYNGAP1 Research Lab

Day 2
All Day Mini-Conference for SYNGAP1 Families
*Child Care Provided

Presentations By:
SYNGAP1 Clinical Experts
SYNGAP1 Researcher Experts

*Topics Include (examples)
New SYNGAP1 and Related Research
Latest Clinical Care Guidelines and Recommendations
Learn About Opportunities To Participate in Research
Community Resource Information

Find a SYNGAP1 Center of Excellence

We've collaborated with the world's leading clinicians and health care centers to form SYNGAP1 Centers of Excellence, where SYNGAP1 patients and families can access comprehensive care and the latest treatments.

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