2023 SYNGAP1 Industry Roundtable

In the Spring of 2023, we are planning the first SYNGAPl Industry Roundtable. This in-person event will foster discussion with a focus on the outcomes and results of the Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting, SYNGAPI: Voices of the Caregiver and Patient Report, held in November 2020. It is an exclusive opportunity for industry members focusing on drug development for SYNGAPI and interest in related overlapping neurological disorders linked to SYNGAPI.

Our goal is to capture the interest of leading pharmaceutical companies in drug development to broaden drug development programs influencing the investigation and potential overlapping mechanisms in SYNGAPI symptomology. And repurposing drugs based on the physiological symptoms of the disorder while paving a path forward to helping find treatments for the SYNGAPI Community.

This meeting aims to educate and inspire pharmaceutical companies, biotech, and start-ups to become invested in developing therapeutics. This forum will provide valuable information and encourage new research collaborations around therapies while discussing optimal, efficient paths forward, targeting meaningful endpoints and outcome measures for individuals with SYNGAPI mutations while investigating overlap into more common diseases linked to the SYNGAPI protein.

We believe in understanding how the SYNGAPI gene and its respective cell protein, SynGAP, function at a cellular level by uncovering the common physiological symptoms that SYNGAPI mutations exhibit in people to find treatments open doors to discoveries that will lead to treatments for other related neurological disorders.

Partnering with patient advocacy communities is one of the most effective ways for healthcare industry members to engage and connect with their primary audience robustly.

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Come learn about how we built one of the most sound, efficient and successful business models that drives research in the nation's rare disease advocacy space.

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