SYNGAP1 Centers of Excellence

Awareness, Advocacy, Education & Research

DOING OUR PART - Patient Data Drives Research

We've collaborated with the world's leading SYNGAP1 clinicians, researchers and academic institutions to form "SYNGAP1 Centers of Excellence"

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“The clinicians at all our SYNGAP1 Clinics are absolutely phenomenal. They listen and care about finding treatments for our SYNGAP1 Patients!”

                ~ Jojo DeBord,
             SYNGAP1 Parent

“The SYNGAP1 Centers of Excellence (at Texas Children's Hospital) couldn’t have come at a better time.  The experience of the entire team made me feel I had a voice and they truly cared about my child.”

    ~ Candice Gross Taylor
                SYNGAP1 Parent

Carolinas Medical Center

Charlotte, North Carolina ~ USA

Southeast SYNGAP1 Center of Excellence

Atrium Health

*Collaborative Partner

Hollywood, Florida ~ USA

Southeast SYNGAP1 Center of Excellence

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

*Collaborative Partner

Houston, Texas ~ USA

SYNGAP1 Center of Excellence

Texas Children's Hospital

Bluebird Clinic


Baltimore, Maryland ~ USA

SYNGAP1 Center of Excellence

Kennedy Krieger Institute


Edinburgh, Scotland ~ UK

SYNGAP1 Clinic

Patrick Wild Centre


Palo Alto, California ~ USA

SYNGAP1 Clinic

Stanford Children's Health

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